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Eight Will Fall Book Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The intriguing and mysterious summary is what caught our attention, and this book did not disappoint!

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With magic outlawed, Empaths have been demoted and shamed due to their capabilities. Empaths have the ability to sense others emotions and convert those feelings into magic, whether or not it is good or bad, depends on the type of emotion. Larkin works in the luminite mines along with most of the Empaths. Luminite is used throughout the architecture in the city because it suppresses Empath's powers. When Larkin commits an offensive crime, her and her brother are arrested and held in the dungeon.

Little does she know, Larkin is being used for a much grander purpose. Over the last decade, the queen has captured many Empaths with the intent to send them on a suicide mission. However, Larkin fully intends to return with or without the others. When the eight of them begin their journey, they start to learn more about their pasts and uncover secrets that they were never supposed to know.

***Spoilers Ahead***


Larkin is similar to most YA female protagonists, however an interesting twist to a classic character trope is that she is an angry person. That may not be a trait that draws you to a character, but trust us, Larkin is different. Since her fellow Empaths can sense emotion, we are aware of her feelings unlike in other books which made the character more relatable. Larkins leadership ability helps her when she needs to tackle the challenges she faces, but it also makes her seem overbearing towards her peers.

Amias was one of the more interesting characters in the book. His calm and collected nature, which is the polar opposite of Larkin, was refreshing in this dark and thrilling book. Amais is one of the few characters that we get to learn about (his past, his opinions, ect.) and has some of the most intriguing story lines. Amias is against using magic, we discover this early on in the book and come to find out, he had little control as a child and destroyed a town. This event ultimately caused extreme guilt to build up inside of him, which he was able to mask from the others.

Elf is one character I would have liked to learn more about. I found her interesting and different from the rest of the characters. Her fear throughout the entire book made her more relatable. More often than not, you see these brave and fearless characters in books that are completely unrealistic.


Our Favorite Parts

It is extremely difficult to choose a favorite part of this book because this book had us sitting at the edge of our seats eagerly reading to find out what happens. Overall, this book was slightly darker than we are used to, however, that being said, it wasn't overly gory.

One of the better parts in this book was when the adventurers discover the truth about the underground world they are traveling through. Here, the travelers unveil the truth about who they are and why they were chosen. They were all descendants of seven major Empaths and had some power that had been passed down to them, they just had to discover it. It was fun to read the characters debating over who was the descendant of who and had us placing our bets right along with them.

Another thing we liked about this book was the way that the author revealed the history of their world. We start the book knowing little about the Empaths and end it knowing why magic had been outlawed, why the Empaths didn’t have a last name, why the eight were sent, and so much more! The way that we learn with the characters made the book all the more exciting to read.

Finally, Larkin and Amias’s relationship was beautifully written. It moves at a realistic pace which is nice for a YA book. This isn't your typical love at first sight type of romances. These two characters had been through a lot together in a short amount of time, these life threatening situations forced them to trust and rely on each other and made their relationship more intricate.


What Would We Want Improved?

Honestly, we would have loved to learn more about the kingdom itself. Throughout the book, we learn all about the underground part of this world, but not where the characters actually grew up. We would have loved to have seen more happen in the kingdom itself considering that that is what they were fighting to save.

We know that with having several main characters, there is not enough time or pages to learn about them all. However, we would have liked to learn more about the characters. We would have liked to get closure on Larkin’s family or Larkin’s friends from the beginning of the book. The book provided enough information about the important characters, but it would have been nice to learn more about the supporting characters.

***Rest is spoiler free***

Final Thoughts

Overall, we would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. It was a quick and easy read with good plot and relatable characters. The book was slightly darker than we are used to, but still a great book. We would recommend this book to any one who enjoyed reading books like The Hunger Games or The Testing. This book’s thrilling adventures and chilling secrets made it hard to put down. Eight Will Fall was filled with the perfect amount of action and betrayal which makes for an amazing YA novel!

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