TOP 10

Here is a list of our 10 favorite books!


Again, but Better

Christine Riccio

Shane wants nothing more than to redo her college experience, and her semester abroad is the perfect time to do that. When she meets a dreamy boy, things take an awkward turn and begin to spiral out of control.  She begins to realize that she cannot fix her mistakes. Or can she? Entertaining, witty, and inspiring, this book makes you realize that sometimes all you need is a second chance.


Legend Series

Marie Lu

June, a calculating prodigy, is sent to hunt down Day, a troublemaking convict, after he is accused of  murdering her brother. Although, they soon realize the true lengths that their country went through to keep them apart. Maybe they aren't so different after all. 



Marissa Meyer

Growing up in Wonderland, Catherine has always wanted to open her own bakery, although her parents have much different idea. After she catches the eye of the unmarried King, her parents grand plans seem to fall into place. She had lost all hope, until she meets a mysterious joker and her life takes a few unexpected turns. 



Marissa Meyer

In a world filled with superheroes, there is bound to be few villains. When Nova has the chance to go undercover with the enemy, she begins question her morals. The deeper she dives into their world, the more the line between good and evil blurs. 


The Siren

Kiera Cass

The Ocean saved Kahlen’s life, but it came at a cost. She is now a Siren. While she is not sinking ships, Kahlen lives among humans with her fellow Sirens, careful not to speak, as their voice would kill anyone who heard it. After 80 years, Kahlen has made no connections to the human world, until a kind-hearted boy walks into her life and whisks her away into a life of dancing, baking in dorm kitchens, and late night conversations. Only after leaving it all behind, does Kahlen realize that their lives may be tied together forever. 


The Lunar Chronicles 

Marissa Meyer

Cinder is about a cyborg, named Cinder who lives with her stepmother and step sisters. (sound familiar?) Anyway, Cinder is a mechanic who is hired by the prince, Kai, who needs her to fix his droid for some unknown, but seemingly important, reason. Their story is filled with twists and turns as they fight for both their countries and each other. Along the way, they meet Scarlet, a french farm girl, Wolf, a genetically modified human, Thorne, a cocky ex-pilot, Cress, an intelligent hacker, Winter, a beautiful princess, Jason, a royal guard, and Iko, a friendly droid. Each person has their own story which will lead them all to each other.  


The Selection Series

Kiera Cass

35 girls are chosen to participate in the Selection, a competition for not only the princes heart, but ultimately the crown. When America Singer is chosen she is less than thrilled, she wants nothing more than to go home to her family. Upon arriving at the palace, she has an interesting encounter with none other than Prince Maxon himself, the very man she is competing for. This will they, won't they relationship is one of the most frustrating, but rewarding. It's a must read!


Paper Towns 

John Green

Quentine believes that Margo is his miracle, although they haven’t spoken in years. Everything changes one night when she climbs through his window, and all it takes is the one night of revenge, pranks, and daring escapes for him to realize how much she still means to him. The next morning, Margo is gone, a series of mysterious clues left in her wake. Quentine is launched into the adventure of a lifetime where he learns that some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved. 


The Book Thief

Markus Zusak

Narrated by Death, this unforgettable book tells the story of a young girl named Liesel, who lives in Germany in the year 1939. This book takes you on a journey through Liesel's life as she begins to realize the true value of life.


Sorcery of Thorns 

Margaret Rogerson

Elizabeth has grown up in a library as an apprentice. She has been taught that sorcers are evil, but what happens when she falls for one? Be prepared for an adorable romance, and an action packed read with betrayal at every turn!