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We are two sisters, Taylor and Jessica, who share most things including a love for books. If you love to read and explore then this is the blog for you! We provide detailed book descriptions as well as suggestions in all genres. 


We not only love to read, but also travel, and play soccer. Both of us have played since we were four years old and play for our highschool team. Our father is an officer in the US Navy resulting in us moving all around the world and having many opportunities to travel. We have visited 40 different countries and almost all fifty states. (Alaska is just so hard to get too!) 


Due to COVID-19, we have had a lot of time on our hands, but who doesn’t? We have read so many books and binged watched too many TV shows and thought we would share what we’ve learned and experienced. We hope to share our love of books (and other random things) with all of our readers!


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