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Ranking the Lead Bridgerton Couples

With the new season of Bridgerton being out, we decided to do an entire rewatch. Beginning with Simon and Daphne and ending with Colin and Penelope, we have debated which couple is the best. Here is our ranking of the leading Bridgerton couples!

While there are so many good couples to look up to in this series, to keep this list manageable we are keeping the list down to the four main couples of the seasons. Each couple has a unique and beautiful love story that has been brought to life in the Netflix series and it makes sense as to why the show has grown in popularity. Besides, who doesn’t love the music! 



Friendly warning that there is a slight spoiler for the newest season in this post!


4) Colin and Penelope 

Being the newest season, Colin and Penelope’s love story had a lot of competition and unfortunately still ended up at the bottom of our list. The classic friends-to-lovers had us waiting for this couple to get together from the very beginning and we loved seeing their love story unfold in their very own season! In the end, we thought that there was so much happening plot-wise that it distracted a bit from their love story, that is not to say that we weren’t on the edge of our seats the entire time. It was so exciting to see the couple happily together at the end!


3) Simon and Daphne

With this couple being the first season, we had little hope when it first came out, but we were blown away. They helped propel us into this world and allowed us to get a glimpse into the Bridgerton lifestyle. Meeting tropes like enemies to lovers, fake dating, and miscommunication there is so much to unpack in their relationship. We only wish that we could have seen more of them in the rest of the seasons.


2) George and Charlotte

The tragic love story of George and Charlotte is only given more depth by the fact that we have seen this couple through the seasons at different stages of life. Seeing them in their own season was a surprise that we didn't know we needed. The arranged marriage trope can very easily become cringy and difficult to watch, but this couple makes it feel natural. The actors' chemistry is undeniable and their interactions both on and off screen feel so genuine that they had to be placed high up on this list.


1) Anthony and Kate

It makes sense that the most competitive couple on our list would come in first, but there are so many reasons why we love them! The enemies-to-lovers trope is perfectly executed in their season and their relationship is surprisingly very healthy in the newest season. They are family-oriented and highly motivated making them the ultimate power couple in this series. Antony and Kate are iconic and are everything we look for in a fictional couple!


Which Bridgerton season is your favorite? Who’s your favorite couple? Let us know in the comments!

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