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We Ranked All Of Taylor Swift's Albums

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Quarantine has been long and boring for most of us, however, Taylor Swift used the time to write a new album, which just dropped! Taylor’s album, Folklore, has 16 brand new songs and they are all beautiful, but how does it compare to her other albums? Here’s our personal ranking of all 8 of her albums.

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***Disclaimer: This list is ranked based solely on personal preference.***

8. Taylor Swift - 2006

This is Taylor Swift’s first album and the reason it is ranked last on our list is because even though this is the album that brought Taylor into popularity, it is not her best work. You can always improve and that is clear when comparing this album with any of her later ones. However, that being said, this album did bring us some classic Taylor Swift songs like Teardrops on My Guitar and Tim McGraw.


7. Folklore - 2020

Folklore is Taylor’s newest album, but not her best. This album has beautiful lyrics that allow Taylor's story telling ability to shine. After we listened to the full album, we were able to agree that it was not our favorite. We still enjoyed the music because it was different from other things that Taylor has done and made her a more diverse artist. We don't have a favorite song yet, but once we listen to it more we will!


6. Fearless - 2008

Fearless has some of our favorite songs like Love Story and You Belong With Me. These songs are near and dear to our hearts, but that was not enough to bring this album higher up on our list. This album is very good considering that it was her second one she released, but it was not perfect. Taylor has grown tremendous amount throughout her years in the music industry, and her older songs just can't compare.


5. Reputation - 2017

We know that we are not alone when we say that Reputation was a complete shock. This album showed us Taylor's darker side and we got to see her in a new light. This album brought us songs like Call It What You Want and Look What You Made Me Do that range from delicate love ballads to upbeat power anthems. All of these songs were unique in their own way which gave us a diverse listening experience, that we were not expecting, but loved all the same.


4. Lover - 2019

This album was released after Reputation and they are complete opposites. Lover is filled with upbeat and colorful songs, which were far from the darker and eerie songs we had heard from Reputation. Not only did Taylor's songs have a catchy tune and memorable lyrics, but her songs The Man and You Need To Calm Down highlighted and helped bring awareness to current issues. This album was influential and unique, and definitely deserves its spot towards the top of our list!


3. Red - 2012

Red is the favorite album for many Taylor Swift fans. It was the time when Taylor began to project a different image than your stereotypical country girl. She shocked the world with hit songs like I Knew You Were Trouble and All Too Well. Taylor was able to show off her skills in both singing and songwriting, and her personality and passion really shines through in this album.


2. Speak Now - 2010

Speak now is one of the most widely know Taylor Swift albums. This album has every thing that Taylor is known for, her heartfelt love ballads, her emotional break up songs, the works! Some of Taylor's more popular songs (as well as some of our personal favorites) resulted from this album. Songs like Mine and Speak Now have become fan favorites an


1. 1989 - 2014

Finally, our number one pick is 1989! 1989 is one of Taylor’s best albums. Being her first official “pop” album, she did not disappoint. Every single song makes you want to jump up and sing along. Along with the great music, we also got some of Taylor’s best music videos for songs like Shake It Off and Blank Space. These songs helped Taylor break away from her country background and set her up for success in the pop world.


Do you agree with our rankings? Which album would you put first?

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Taylor, Jessica, and Hannah
Taylor, Jessica, and Hannah
12 ส.ค. 2563

Thank you for the comment! We love Taylor swift as well! It was hard to pick a favorite album, especially because we love Red so much! Originally, we were planning on ranking all of Taylor Swift’s songs, but we realized just how many she has sung. We then decided it might better to just rank her albums. Maybe we will finish our song list one day...


25 ก.ค. 2563

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer ever! I’m so glad you did a post like this! My favorite one of her albums is 1989 as well but red is a close second for me

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