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Authors Whose Books We Automatically Buy

Updated: May 10, 2021

Whenever we buy books, we know it is going to be a good day. Here are some authors whose books we automatically buy if we see them at the book store!

Every reader has that one author whose books they just love. It could be the author's ability to create fantastical worlds that we just get lost in or the complex characters that we spend chapters trying to get a good read on that makes us fall in love with their stories no matter what. This is why whenever we see that one author's name on any book, we simply must buy it.


Marissa Meyer


  • Lunar Chronicles

  • Heartless

  • Renegades

  • Instant Karma

We love Marissa Meyer's ability to take the classic stories that we all know and love and give them her own twist. Her unique storytelling allows her to stand out from other YA authors. We’ve read all of her books, loved every single one of them, and would highly recommend them all!


Margaret Rogerson


  • The Enchantment of Ravens

  • Sorcery of Thorns

We are anxiously awaiting the day that Margaret Rogerson will release another book! Her standalone fantasy novels are some of the best we’ve read and have some of the most stunning covers. Both of her books are fantastic and well worth reading.


Keira Cass


  • The Selection

  • The Betrothed

Keira Cass has perfected the royalty trope we love so much in YA. Her characters are different and sometimes extremely frustrating, *cough* America, but we love them nonetheless. Her books are beautiful and we are looking forward to her new book which comes out this summer!


John Green


  • The Fault In Our Stars

  • Paper Towns

  • Turtles All The Way Down

  • Looking For Alaska

  • An Abundance Of Katherines

We could go on for hours about how much we love John Green! He introduced us to so many inspiring characters, his books are real and raw, and he taught us important lessons that we will never forget. (Definitely check out Paper Towns, it’s one of our favorite books ever!)


Ruta Sepetys


  • Salt to the Sea

  • Fountains of Silence

  • Between Shades of Grey

These books broke us. Ruta Sepetys has mastered the art of emotional writing and has brought some of the most forgotten moments of history to light through her work. We highly recommend these books, they are spectacular and we can’t wait to see what else she decides to write!


Who are some of your favorite authors? Let us know in the comments!

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